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Fastner Arrow Soffit Clip Giraffe™ Hybrid
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Giraffe OmniBed
GE Healthcare
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Product Overview

The Fastner Arrow Soffit Clip Giraffe™ Hybrid are fasteners that are used to fasten thin gauge materials together. These are reusable, molded nylon fasteners that help to assemble metal, wood, plastic, composition or other thin-gauge materials. The specially designed body compresses as it is forced through a pre-punched hole and springs back to its original shape to lock the assembled parts securely. Arrow clips are designed to provide unique fasteners for assembly applications, and it is modeled from UL 94V-2 Nylon 66 for good corrosion, abrasion and vibration resistance. A variety of hole sizes and lengths are available for different applications. The flexibility of the material makes it assemble and disassemble easily and thus suitable for wide range of applications. These clips are being used in UL Voluson P8, MIC Giraffe™ OmniBed, ARC Aisys and other infant care systems.

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Giraffe OmniBed

Giraffe OmniBed

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