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Lower Canister with Spring - Breathing Circuit Gas (BCG)
GE Healthcare
GE Healthcare
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Product Overview

The Lower Canister with Spring is used in Aestiva anesthesia machines. This is sub-part used in CO₂ bypass assembly and is fixed in lower portion of bypass assembly . Caster dish lower is made of brass alloy 360. Brass alloy 360 is a standard alloy of copper and zinc containing about 3% lead. The basic 60-40 mixture of copper and zinc forms an alloy with good strength and corrosion resistance the small amount of lead provides the superior machinability that gives the alloy it familiar name. With these three constituent elements – copper, zinc and lead. The bottom of the canister assembly has a spring component in center portion of the part. The spring is made up of a music wire material. The material used for spring is cold drawn metal with high uniform tensile strength used for high quality springs and wire forms. it is the toughest steel for small springs and has excellent fatigue properties, high strength and shock load ability. The spring is covered by the cam and the cam is locked by using a retainer lock. Where the spring gives some opposition to the cam for the purpose of creating a tight fit.

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